Based in Sertaozinho, Brazil – TGM manufactures steam turbines and mechanical drives.  They have three branch offices, in Maceio (AL), in São José dos Campos (SP) and in Nürnberg, Germany. Our company is present in more than 40 countries with over 550 clients annually assisted.  

With advanced technology and infrastructure comparable to the largest factories in the world, TGM is considered the greatest Latin American company in the steam turbine and gearbox, speed multiplier, accessories and services sectors. 

TGM has manufactured more than 1,000 turbines, 1,300 planetary gearboxes and 550 parallel shaft gearboxes. TGM has also performed services of overhauling, recovery and modernization on more than 2,800 turbines, 2,000 planetary gearboxes and 1,000 parallel shaft gearboxes. 

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