Thank you for your interest in Wolf Equipment Sales.  We are a manufacturer's representative in Pittsburgh, PA (Allegheny County)  supplying industrial equipment for Western Pennsylvania.  Wolf Equipment Sales is a stocking distributor of various filters and a representative of the equipment 
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AIR FILTERS -- eSpin Technologies Exceed Filters. products can be found improving the quality of air in hospitals, office buildings, industrial plants, labs, pharmaceutical facilities, schools, and factories.  eSpin incorporate Nanofiber Technology into their filter media providing much more surface area to capture dirt particles while keeping pressure drop to a minimum!  eSpin's Exceed filters offer specialized products for dust collections, paint overspray collections, gas phase absorption, lint, ink mist and grease.   Efficiencies from 20% to 99.9995%.  Disposable Panel Filters to Extended Surface Pocket Filters to Rigid Cell Filters.
FLUID BAG FILTERS -- Strainrite specializes in the manufacture of ASME code pressure vessels and liquid filter bags.  They make a variety of vessels to handle flow rates between 5 and 5,000 gpm at pressure ratings ranging from 75 to 3,000 psi.  Their engineers will custom design systems to meet your needs.  Strainrite uses the highest quality metals including carbon steel, 304, 316, Alloy C276, Alloy 20 and Titanium.  Both Single-bag and multi-bag vessels are tested to 150% of rated pressure.  Low Flow, Standard Duty, Heavy Service, X-tra Seal -- we have a vessel to suit your requirements!  Strainrite has the most complete line of bag filters available in the industry.  We can design specialty bags for unique applications.     We make bags to fit our own housings and those of other manufacturers as well.  Polyester, Polypropylene, Viscose, Nylon, Nomex, Teflon and Meshes in Polyester, Nylon, Mono and Multi-filament are are standard fabrics.   
FLUID FILTRATION HOUSINGS -- COLEMAN manufactures nominal cartridge filter elements for industrial and commercial liquid / water applications. The continuous wound filter elements are chemically compatible with a wide range of liquid filtration applications.  Coleman also carries bag, pleated paper, wire cloth, melt brown, gas and air filters along with filter housings (S/S, plastic and code-stamped housings).  Coleman manufactures elements in various micron ratings, media, and core selections to satisfy different customer's needs.  A wide selection of end caps, spears, extenders, etc. are available to accommodate different types of filter housings.  Coleman also manufactures industrial water and wastewater treatment systems and provides Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning Services for 4" x 40" and 8" x 40" membranes as well as ultrasonic metal filter cleaning services for metal filters.
INDUSTRIAL FANS -- Chicago Blower Corporation air moving products are best known for their "industrial quality," a standard of manufacturing assuring certified performance, relentless dependability, and longevity  A staff of specially trained engineers can design a dependable fan that exactly fits your dimensional and performance requirements.  Chicago Blower Corporation fans are sold and serviced by air movement professionals that can help evaluate your needs and provide recommendations whenever you are unsure of the suitability of a particular fan for a specific application.  Chicago Blower Corporation air moving products are best known for their "industrial quality," a standard of manufacturing assuring certified performance, relentless dependability, and longevity. 
GAUGES & VALVES -- Wolf Equipment Sales offers guages of the following types:  * Tridicators * Thermometers * Pressure Gauges * Needle Valves * Bi-Metal Thermometers * Snubbers.  The valves available are:  Circuit Balancing: * Triple Duty * Test Meters, Backflow Prevention: * Relief * Safety * Check * Ball, Plumbing & Hydronic, Bronze, Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Gate, Iron, Globe, Check, 1/4 Turn, Tilting Disc, .Venturis & Flow Meters * Thermostatic Mixing, Forged Bronze Ball * Silent Check * Flanged Ball * Double Door Check * Knife Gates, Stainless Steel & Alloy Ball Valves * Actuation, Check (Metal & Elastomer Hinge) * Butterfly (Lug & Wafer), F&T Traps * Inverted Bucket * Radiator * Pressure Action Pumps, Macon Controls * Trap Capsules, Iron, Stainless Steel, Cast, Alloy, PVC, Metak & Elastomer Hinge.
Y STRAINERS -- Available are:  Y-Strainers, Duplex Strainers, Check Valves - API 598, Basket Strainers, Self-Cleaning Strainers, Knife Gate Valves to 42", Ball Valves - Cast Iron, Fire Safe Ball Valves - NACE - API 607 4th Ed., Butterfly Valves - ISO5272 - API 609.  Also available are Custom Fabricated Strainers in accordance with the requirements of ASME Section VIII, Division I. ASME “U” Code Stamp and ASME “UM” Code Stamp are available.
PUMPS -- Wolf Equipment Sales can supply various types of pumps to meet almost any need.  We have a distributor relationship with many different manufacturers of many types of pumps.  We can supply a direct request, or find a comparable pump with better economic value:  Base-Mounted, Vertical Inline (Armstrong), Centrifugal, Dual Arm, Circulating (Barnes Pumps & Systems), Submersible, Effluent, Grinder  (Flex Hose Inc.), Flow Measurement, Vertical, Split (ITT/A-C Fire Pumps), Case, Fire Pumps, Air Separators (G&L Goulds), Trash, Solids Handling, Boiler Feed (NECO, MTH), and Turbine Vane, Parts, Self-Priming (Shipco, Deming).
EXPANSION JOINTS --  Flexicraft Industries has the most complete range of all types and all styles of expansion joints and flexible connectors.  Expansion joints available are:  Rubber, Metal Bellows, Teflon, and Flexible & Braided Hose.  Pipe Penetration Seals are also available.  Flexicraft Industries provides a complete line of products with exceptional quality and value and has been in business for over 30 years.
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CONDENSERS AND FEEDWATER HEATERS -- Maarky Thermal Systems provides state of the art heat transfer equipment and services to power plants worldwide.  Equipment designed by Maarky engineers has been hailed as the standard for optimal and reliable performance.  Maarky offers steam surface condensers, feed water heaters, bypass condensers and heat exchangers for all types of power plants.  Solar power plant heat exchangers, Steam Generators and Heat Exchangers are Maarky's specialty.  Maarky has designed hundreds of steam surface condensers and feed water heaters operating in plants worldwide with generating capacity in excess of 100,000 MW.